3D Body Scan in Jacksonville, FL

See your body in 3D to optimize your health & fitness

Getting into shape and staying focused on your fitness goals can be tough. It’s also hard to receive accurate insights on your health and track changes.

Thrive’s 3D body scans help solve this problem. A full 3D body scan extracts hundreds of measurements of your body, measuring every extremity and facet of a person’s body down to the millimeter. This includes your waist, hip, thigh, bust and much more. It also calculates your body mass index (BMI) and body fat composition. The 3D body scan measurements are much more accurate than tape measures and have less than 1% error.

The 3D body scan takes approximately 5 minutes. We recommend wearing tight fitting clothing to receive the best results. For example, women should wear a sports bra and shorts, and men should wear boxer shorts.

After the scan is completed, we will walk you through the data. In addition to the measurements, we will provide a shape analysis, fat analysis, and a health risk assessment. With the information from the body scan, you will receive an accurate look at your body fat percentage, view fitness and health metrics, and be able to set goals. The full report will be emailed to you and we will be able to track your progress during your weight loss or muscle building journey on any future scans.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a 3D body scan.

3D Body Scan Includes:
  • A Full 3D Body Scan 
  • Complete Report of Measurements & Analysis
  • Consultation


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