Pre-op/Post-Op Recovery IV Infusions in Jacksonville, FL

A powerhouse of vitamin C for hydration, wound healing, immunity & collagen building

Recovery Room

NS, Vitamin C, Zinc

Are you preparing for, or recovering from a cosmetic procedure or any surgery? Thrive Infusions has you covered with our Recovery Room Infusion - a powerhouse of vitamin C for hydration, wound healing, immunity, and collagen building. 

During the peri-operative period, the body undergoes significant stress, using energy and vitamins to heal.  Nutritional supplementation in this phase may have a significant impact on surgical outcome and healing speed.  IV therapy ensures maximum absorption directly into your bloodstream to enhance your immune and tissue building systems for peak performance of your body’s healing mechanisms (Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care.  2010 Nov;13(6):669-76).  We are also learning more about Vitamin C postoperatively and its prevention of dreaded surgical nerve pain complications (Int Orthoped.  2021 Sep; 45(9):2453-59).

Vitamin C concentration falls during even simple surgeries.  The increased oxidative stress from surgery and healing increases the body’s utilization.  With our Recovery Room Infusion, you’ll benefit from a powerful combination of vitamin C and zinc to stimulate wound healing, cartilage and collagen production. 

*In-store pricing, please call for mobile IV pricing.

The Recovery Room Benefits

  • Complete hydration
  • Improve blood flow and promote fast healing
  • Collagen production for strong tissues and ligaments
  • Reduced bruising, swelling, and inflammation
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Prevention of complex pain syndromes after surgery
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